DME FV Carbonator Kit



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Out of space? Or maybe cash is tight? But you just need to get that beer carbonated and it seems like your BBT is always tied up?  Here’s your economical solution; The DME FV Carbonator Kit allows you to carbonate in your fermenter without any modifications to your existing tank! 

This kit literally installs in seconds on your existing sample port! Using the DME FV Carbonator Kit, you don’t lose your ability to take samples using our custom short branch TEE and extended carbstone assembly! 

The DME FV Carbonator Kit has everything you needincluding a 0.5 micro sintered 316 stainless steel carbstone, not an inferior ceramic one and sample valve.  The carbstone comes complete with an in-line check valve, stainless steel ball valve and stainless steel quick disconnect for connection to your CO2 supply. 

We carry 2 standard sizes:  

  • 6" stone for use in 5-40bbl tanks 
  • 12" stone for use in 50-90bbl tanks 
  • Custom sizes are available upon request, but will require 3-5 days lead time*
6" stone for use in 5-40bbl tanks
12" stone for use in 50-90bbl tanks