Stainless Steel Umbrella Base

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Finally, an umbrella base that you don't have to replace every few years. This is made to LAST!

We recently manufactured a number of umbrella bases for one of our DME Family members who wanted a durable long-lasting solution for their taproom patio umbrellas.

Keep your outdoor umbrella in place with this sturdy round umbrella base! This base helps provide shade at your restaurant or taproom patio, poolside lounge area, or deck. Its 48 lb. weight provides exceptional stability, while its stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting durability.

  • Non-rusting
  • Keeps outdoor umbrellas in place
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Compact to maximize leg and foot space when placed underneath tables
  • 48lb base
  • Notched base for easy and low footprint storage
  • Double locking screw
  • 1 1/2" opening for umbrellas
  • Recommended for freestanding use only